The PEERS Program

The inaugural 16-week PEERS program for young adults on the ASD spectrum recently completed, with one woman and six men completing the program.  There will be an official summary from the instructors, but as a social coach and parent, let me say what an amazing program this is.  My mostly non-verbal ASD son progressed from *very* reluctantly making the required phone calls to initiating calls, wanting to attend social outings and anticipating class.

Another PEERS graduate said:” PEERS helped me overcome a lot of my social anxiety.  Another thing it helped me with is interacting with people over the phone.  I’ve become much more comfortable interacting with people that I otherwise would never have talked to.  This program has done wonders for me and i highly recommend it for anyone on the spectrum who is remotely interested in improving their social skills in some way.”

We had several social outings ranging from hanging at the mall to graduation dinner at Red Lobster, game night, billiards and bowling, trivia nights and more.  The young adults were in charge of planning the events and notifying their peers on the upcoming activity.

Stay tuned for more information on the program and upcoming classes.